CORINA Symphony Descriptors Community Edition

If you would like to use our CORINA Symphony Descriptors Community Edition web service please use the following form for data submission.

Please select input structure file and options:

 Use 3D structures provided in input file

Note. Only SDF and SMILES formatted files are supported and the file size limit is 1 MB.

Please press the Submit button to upload the file and for calculating descriptors.



  • The CORINA Symphony Descriptors Community Edition - V2 web service calculates a set of molecular descriptors (in total 200) by processing a file of chemical structures in SDF or SMILES format (file size limit is 1 MB).
  • The service returns the descriptors in csv (comma separated value) file format, whereas the first line is a header line listing the contents of each column (record number, calculated descriptors, error and warning messages).
  • By default, the service internally generates 3D strucures by an integrated library of CORINA Classic in order to calculate descriptors that require a 3D structure (such as dipole moment). However, the service can also use 3D structures that are provided in the input file (see check box "Use 3D structures provided in input file").

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